Greenpeace - My wishes for 2018

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When we think about our wishes for the year, we always want positive things, change for the better so that we can do better. But what if we wanted the opposite? With this message, we intend to raise awareness about the greatest threat facing the planet: climate change.

Advertising Agency: Indira, Madrid, Spain

General Creative Officer: Juanma Gómez
Creative Director:André Augusto Viana
Art Director: Miguel Hernández
Client Services Director: Gemma Alonso
Agency Producer: Claudio Navas
Production Company: Animal Brothers
Producer: Borja F. Doldán
Producer Coordinator: Sergio González Hernández
Director: Miguel Aguirre
DoP: Jorge Roig
Film Art Director: Raúl López
Costumes: Cristina Ximenez de Olaso
Makeup: Sara García Vázquez
Cast: Mercé Salomé
Editor: Fran Oviedo
Post-production: AB
Music: Oh Wonder