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In this new campaign signed by DDB Paris, Honda exposes the life and journey of a biker, from the first kicks to the first fall, from bad weather to the bad reputation that accompanies it. The life of a biker is therefore not easy, as the film below shows us. Being a biker involves many sacrifices, but these give access to a life full of rebound and adrenaline.

With this film, Honda once again consolidates its advertising creativity in a phrase that will speak to bikers and non-bikers. The film was constructed with community videos to help us identify with the protagonist.

Agency: DDB Paris

Client: Honda Moto

Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev
Creative Directors: Alexis Benbehe Pierre Mathonat
Artistic Director: Jean Weessa
heads Advertiser: Fabrice Recoque Sebastien Pernel Valerie Larousse Laura Henimann
Responsible Agency: Vincent Léorat Willy Bouhet Arthur Piaulet Tom Salvan
Strategic planner : Claude-Henri Galbois
Image production: Fabien Donnay (Maul production)
Sound production: Alexandre Vicart (Studio 5)
Music synchro : Alexandre Rabia (Universal)
Creative traffic manager: Sophie Toque, Virginie Fruchard

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