Oreo "Oreos licked by Lewis Capaldi"

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

Advertising Agency: ELVIS, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Media Agency: Carat UK
PR Agency: Golin
Production Company: Craft Films
Director: Adam Wimpenny

In the video, he explained: ‘My name’s Lewis Capaldi and I’m here today with these [a packet of Oreo with his face on it].’ ‘I’m going to get my tongue in every last one of them. I’m going to lick them like there is no tomorrow for you,’ he continued. ‘You can buy these Oreos that I have put my tongue across.’

‘You haven’t stumbled on some dark corner of the internet,’ Lewis reassured viewers. ‘We are going to auction off these very Oreos that I have twisted, licked and dunked I aid of Nordoff Robbins which is a charity that helps people through music.’