Spotify #ScreenOutLoud

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Spotify is a #1 music streaming choice amongst millennials in the U.S. But while driving, it’s bye-bye Spotify, and hello radio! So how can this popular streaming app make its way into cars in an entertaining way? For many people, cars are a ‘safe space’ where they can jam the hell out of their favourite song, especially at traffic signals. But, many times there’s always someone watching/recording them, thus, stopping them from enjoying their car ride.

Introducing #ScreenOutLoud! Most U.S States prohibit dark tinted windows, so Spotify introduced its own green tints for their favourite listeners who can dance/jam on their favourite Spotify song without being watched. We turned every car into a regular car, by turning every driver into a performer!

Note: This idea was awarded Merit at The One Show, Young Ones 2020.

Client Name: Spotify
Campaign Name: #ScreenOutLoud
School: Miami Ad School Europe, Miami Ad School Mexico City
Art Director: Hanna Choi (Miami Ad School Mexico City)
Copywriter: Riya Dosani (Miami Ad School Europe)