Stand Tall Against Cavities in Sweet Cartoon Short by Colgate

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Colgate gathers the best and brightest in the galaxy against the Duke of Decay in the charming cartoon “Adventures in the Molar System,” developed by Hecho Studios and produced by creative studio LOBO. The song-and-dance short sees young adventurers practice their best tooth brushing techniques to combat plaque, sugary sweets and the decaying Duke with the dental hero Dr. Rabbit. 

Set in the format of a beloved Saturday morning cartoon, the film connects with young kids in a format they love for peak engagement. In the short, the main heroine Wilder faces her dental checkup fears and confronts cavities alongside a diverse group of the world’s inhabitants--and one guest from a faraway planet--and her video game hero brought to life. 

Adventures in the Molar System and is part of a multicultural oral health education program developed by Colgate and global dental care experts to help kids learn powerful habits like brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Through its educational, advocacy and other efforts, Colgate is championing a zero cavity future for 2 billion children as it works to end the world's most prevalent chronic disease: tooth decay.


Executive Producers: Luis Ribeiro, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet

Director: Guilherme Marcondes

Head of Production: Clara Morelli

Producers: Aron Aguiar, Diego Denardi, Chris Parentoni, Manhana Laborda

Concept artists: Felipe Jornada, Pedro Jones, Wilson F. Panassi, Marcos Llussá

Character and Prop Designers: Michele Massagli, Rodrigo Estravini, Mateus Grazina

Storyboard Artists: Paulo Muppet, Rafael Schmidt

Animation Director: Paulo Muppet

Animators: AKOMOTION, Alexandre Tsukamoto, Augusto Galvão, Caio Feriotti, Gustavo Teixeira, Henrique Melo, Julio GP, Lan Moraes, Marco Túlio Rodrigues, PEDRO, Pedro M. Filho, Victor Bolo, Welington Barbosa, Zé Vaamonde

2nd Unit Animators: Rui Silveira, Rodrigo Oliveiran, Jaislan Gregate, Luke Passos

2nd Unit Producers: Liana Vianna, Odirlei Seixas, Felipe Grosso, Thomaz Costa

Background Design: Leo Gibran, Júlia L. Fioretti, Leandro Robles, Psonha

Compositing Artist: Luciana Eguti

Letterings: Estevão Santos, Murilo Lopes

Coordinators: Rosangela Lopes, Clara Morelli.

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