Swiss Heart Foundation: A heart-warming story

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Video advertising:

A heart-warming story about a man - and the love of his life. Unlike many other long-spots, this one plays regularly on TV since Swiss NGOs receive a 50% discount when airing commercials on national television. Independently functioning 45- and 15 second versions have been produced for the campaign with the same goal: to create public awareness for the institution in Switzerland.

Client: Swiss Heart Foundation

Advertising Agency: Contexta AG, Bern, Switzerland

Creative Director: Moritz Staehelin / Copywriters: Annette Häcki, Raphael Gammenthaler
Art Directors: Stefanie Morgan, Moricz Nemeth / Agency Producer: Ulysse Schnegg
Account Supervisor: Nadine Borter / Advertiser's Supervisor: Martin Zimmermann
Account Manager: Alexandra Beyeler / Production: stories AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Producer: Yves Bollag / Director: Tobias Fueter / D.O.P: Holger Diener / Lighting: Attila Doczi
Editors: Tobias Fueter, Beni Fueter, Wolfgang Weigl / Editing Company: stories AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Composer / Artist / Title: Adrian Frutiger / Sound Designer: Gian Dolder / Off-voice English: Harlan Hogan
Post Production Supervisor: Denis Spycher / Animation: Cloudscape / Production Designer: Adrien Asztalos
Special Effects / Computer Graphics: Cloudscape / Colour Grading: Fabian Kimoto
Line Producer: Nicole Spring / Production Coordinator: Heike Schreyer