Volvo cars with an AED: Volvo Lifesaver

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In the Netherlands, civilian rescuers start 17,000 resuscitations every year before the ambulance arrives. Crucial because starting CPR with AED within 6 minutes doubles the chance of survival. After 6 minutes, the survival rate then decreases by 10% per minute. An ambulance often takes 9 minutes or more to get there.

It is Volvo's mission to ensure that no one dies or is seriously injured in a new 2020 Volvo. An ambitious mission, but why stop at killing if we can also save lives? That's why Volvo introduces: Volvo Lifesaver. We provided Volvo cars with an AED and linked the car to the civilian first aid system. When a cardiac arrest is reported at 112, the Volvo equipped with Lifesaver and nearby driving is immediately notified and automatically navigated to bring the AED and start CPR. Everything within that crucial 6 minutes.

Advertising Agency: Grey - Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Creative (copy & Concept): Rens Quirijnen
Creative (art & Concept): Stephan Gonissen
Creative Directors: Gijs Sluijters, Joris Tol

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