Heineken / TV / Film
Jeep / Print
Jeep "Take The Wheel" by Miami Ad School
Royal Bombay Yacht Club / Print
Royal Bombay Yacht Club "Made At Sea"
Apple / Integrated
Nespresso / Print
Nespresso "Getaway"
Burger King / Outdoor
Burger King
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "Skip the dishes"
Bonds / Print
Bonds "Out Now"
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's ads
Liquid Death / TV / Film
IKEA / Print
IKEA "Fighting is Inevitable" print ads
Kit Kat / TV / Film
Heineken / TV / Film
WWF / TV / Film
Pepsi / TV / Film
Adidas / TV / Film
Burger King / Outdoor
Burger King "The Moldy Whopper" #NoArtificialPreservatives
Durex / Integrated
Durex outdoor ads
Harley-Davidson / TV / Film
Nike / Integrated
Adidas / TV / Film
Sephora / TV / Film
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "i'm lovin' it"
IKEA / Integrated
Spanish Lottery / TV / Film
Burger King / TV / Film
Samsung / Online
Chupa Chups / Print
Chupa Chups
Smart / Outdoor
Smart "Bad Parking" ready to park
Transavia Airlines / Print
Transavia Airlines ads
Burger King / TV / Film
Honjo Pet Shop / Print
Honjo Pet Shop
UNHCR / Print
UNHCR "Undaily Bread - The daily diet of a Venezuelan refugee"
Greenpeace / Print
Greenpeace "A Regular Weapon"
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "Open Late" it is quite amazing
NYC Botanics / Print
NYC Botanics Pet Oil "It Ain't Reefer, It's Relief"
Hyundai / Print
Hyundai "Don't use your phone while driving"
Suave / Print
Suave warning: Flip your hair with caution
Samsung / Integrated
Samsung "The WIN-WIN Marathon"
KFC / TV / Film
Audi / TV / Film
Lexus / Direct Marketing
Pepsi / TV / Film
Violeta / Direct Marketing
Violeta "Dual purpose for a higher purpose"
Demi / TV / Film
Demi "Beauty is in the mind of the beholder" by TBWA
Durex / TV / Film
SAAQ / Print
SAAQ "It has to stop" by Lg2
Nissan / Outdoor
Nissan Intelligent Mobility "Innovation that excites"

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