Red Cross / TV / Film
PUMA / TV / Film
Brooks / Integrated
The Times / Integrated
Adnams / Integrated
Adnams "We Didn’t Start The Fire"
Nest / Integrated
Kraft / Print
Kraft "Break Up With Ice Cream"
Crocs / Print
Crocs "Comfort Knows No Companion"
Bianco / TV / Film
Renault / Print
Renault "Zoe is small. Zoe is powerful."
Pantone / Print
Pantone "Create Your Own World"
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's print
Pampers / TV / Film
Pilsener / Print
Pilsener "Disfruta responsablemente" Halloween 2019
Skyworth / TV / Film
Unimed Curitiba / Print
Unimed Curitiba "Some stains don't belong to your skin"
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "A classic. With bacon."
World Vision / Outdoor
World Vision "When water is 6 km walk away"
Greenpeace / Print
Greenpeace "Plastic Legacy"
World of Tanks / TV / Film
Dagoma / TV / Film
DFS / TV / Film
DillySocks / Print
DillySocks "Life isn't always easy then you stand out"
Sunstar / Print
Sunstar "healthy gums. healthy life"
Skoda / TV / Film
Dior / TV / Film
Red Cross / TV / Film
Budweiser / Integrated
Budweiser "Recup Arena"
Nike / TV / Film
Novartis / Print
Novartis "Sophisticated engines require frequent care"
Greenpeace / Outdoor
Greenpeace "Black Friday For Nature. Don't buy more garbage!"
Erste Bank / TV / Film
Transperth / Print
Transperth "Thanks for being a GOOD EGG"
UFit / Outdoor
UFit "The After/Before Advertising Campaign"
Way Beer / Print
Way Beer "The atomic beer sommelier"
Nike / TV / Film
McDonald's / TV / Film
World AIDS Day / Print
World AIDS Day "AIDS does not discriminate. Treatment does."
Sea Shepherd / TV / Film
Zing Dark / Print
Zing Dark #BeWhatYouWantToBe
Delete Institute / Print
Delete Institute "Digital addiction. Only you can’t see it"
Papa John's / TV / Film
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Instant reaction"
Mercedes / Print
Mercedes "The beast is now family friendly"
Amnesty International / Print
Amnesty International ""
Skoda / Print
Skoda "Winter Check"
Snickers / Integrated
Jordache Jeans / Print
Jordache Jeans "Your Second Skin" by VMLY&R

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