Über Leben Foundation "Human heart. Out of stock!"

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Over 10,000 people in Germany live in constant fear of death, because they are waiting, sometimes for years, for life-saving organs. On average three of them die every day, since annually there are only 955 people who donate their organs after death.

"Human heart. Out of stock!"

Client: Über Leben Foundation

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Germany

Sound Design: Giesing Team
Music Company: Giesing Team
Postproduction: Serviceplan Solutions 1
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Serviceplan: Alexander Schill
Creative Director: Ekki Frenkler, Bernhard Fuchs
Mediaplus: Ekki Frenkler, Davide Mirabella
Net Pulse: Carsten Popp, Michael Sundermann
Trainee Creative Media: Davide Mirabella
Net: Michael Beuth
Creative Director Art: Moric Miro
Serviceplan PR & Content: Bernhard Fuchs
Lithograph: Johannes Lang
Editor: Johannes Lang
Serviceplan Solutions 1: Johannes Lang
Communication: Janina Röder, Carina Helfers, Martha Wesel
Managing Director:Jorit Ness

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