Plaza Vea "Perussian Prices" by Fahrenheit DDB

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After 36 years, Peru finally qualified to a World Cup. There was just one problem: this tournament took place in Russia, a more expensive country. And with thousands of Peruvian fans doing the impossible to get there, we knew we had to do something for them; so we used our well-known low prices to plan a great idea. 

We located the 3 main supermarkets in the cities where Peru was going to play - Saransk, Yekaterinburg, and Sochi – and made a unique agreement with them: to lower their prices, so they could match the ones in Peru. By doing this; Peruvian fans saved plenty of money, and all they had to do was to show their ID.

Client: Plaza Vea

Advertising Agency: Fahrenheit DDB, Lima, Peru

Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Chadwick
General Creative Director: Sérgio Franco, Luciano Leone
Head Of Art:L uciano Leone
Art Director: Estuardo Salazar, Walter de la Cruz
Copywriter: Luis Castaneda, Renzo Airaldi, Victor Luna
General Account Director: Alberto Goachet
Account Director: Andrea Gomero
Acount Executive: Fiorela Gallardo, Andrea Pajares
Production: Vane Díaz, Leicy Marquez
Planning: Renato Arauco, Ricardo Rentería
Post-Production Supervisor: Jorge Luis Áviles
Post Production: Orlando Huaranga
Production Company: Canica
Director: Maria Teresa Benvenuto, Ricardo Chadwick
DoP: Sergio Franco Tosso
Audio Company: Audiopost

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