Samsung: Notebooks fly over audience in Drones

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To launch it's more recently notebook line in São Paulo, multinational Korean company, Samsung, made use of the most loved technology tool nowadays, the Drones. The action was created by Agência TUDO, from Grupo abc, that made the launchings, line Ativ from Samsung, reach the event carried by the Drones, going through an audience bigger then 200 people.

The main point was to impact the public by showing the mobility and lightness of the notebooks. Despite the alluring arrival, the Drones executed a choreography embedded with a projection in a huge screen settled in the stage, performing a real ballet to entertain the guests during a video presentation with the features of the product.

The Drones are air vehicles unmanned and piloted remotely. They were idealized for military ends, inspired in the German bombs and aircraft models controlled by radio. Normally used in missions of military intelligence with artillery support in a battlefield, cruise missile control, urban, oceanfront, environmental and boundaries patrol activities, pursuit and rescue activities and others, were highlighted when became used for press videos coverage.

Advertising Agency: Angencia Tudo, Brazil

Creative Director: Rodolfo Barreto / Art Director: Francisco Zuccato
Copywriter: Andre Bueno / Planning: Bruno Mizzogutti / Planning Director: Cleber Paradela
Art Directors: Erica Scharz / Production Director: Iron Neto