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Carrefour is starting on Fortnite with The Healthy Map: the first original map that enables gamers to recover life only by eating healthy.

On Carrefour's ‘Healthy Map’, players can fix themselves only with fruits, vegetables and fish, where they usually use healing kits and potions to regain health points. This is an excuse for the retailer to unite a new target group, gamers, around the food transition.

To create The Healthy Map, Publicis Conseil called on MakaMakes and its Beyond team, made of recognised designers of Fortnite creative maps. A feat made possible by the game's creative mode.

The map brings us to the ‘Carrefour of tomorrow’, more ecological and responsible: a supermarket with its electric recharging station and trucks running on biomethane, a responsible fishing zone, fields of organic fruit and fresh vegetables and a farm valuing animal welfare.

Historically, Carrefour is the destination for gamers. In a fast-growing department, the store aims to offer the best opportunities at each release of a new game, a new console, and during commercial highlights such as Christmas or Black Friday.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France

Account Team: Marie Wallet, Pascale Beyssier, Andréa Bastianelli
Creative Team: Marco Venturelli, Jean-François Goize, Edgar Heusch, Morgan Carrio
Strategic Team: Christophe Defaye, Lydia Tamarat
Social Media Team: Gautier Rennes, Shems Chqoubi
Influence: CTZAR
Account Team: Camille Olivier, Marie-Charlotte Mathieu, Mayssam Kaado

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