Dubai Health Authority "Rx Prescription Stickers" by The Classic Partnership

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Blue-collared workforce in Dubai is quite sizeable. Many unfortunately, have limited education and are at high risk of misunderstanding medication dosage. The Rx Prescription Stickers were designed to help solve this problem.

Dubai has a huge number of blue-collared workforce coming from rural areas from around the region. Most of these workers have limited literacy and converse mostly in their native language which limits their comprehension on many things. This includes taking medication. More than often, these workers make a guess on dosage and risk suffering from an overdose.

To address the issue, a simple pictorial prescription sticker was devised. It clearly indicated all the key elements that were required. From the number of tablets or the amount of syrup, the frequency and time of consumption and the duration of the course, they were all illustrated on an easy-to-use sticker.

Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Client: Dubai Health Authority

Executive Creative Director: Alok Gadkar
Creative Director: Leslie Paul
Art Directors: Mangesh Zemse, Alok Gadkar
Group Head – Design: Mangesh Zemse
Copywriter: Leslie Paul
Account Director: Tarek Chebaro
Head Of Production: Vitthal Deshmukh
Freelance Editor: Rashvin Mohammed
Animator: Rashvin Mohammed
Freelance Music Producer:Petar Yordanov Buny