Scribe "Therapy Book" by Archer Troy

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Creative Idea:

To commemorate Teacher’s Day in Mexico, Scribe and Archer Troy developed “Therapy Book” a social experiment that solved the communication problem between parents and their children, in which a Scribe notebook was the bridge to complete the task of answering the questions that children never done. 

•    Client: Scribe
•    Idea: Therapy Book
•    Agency: Archer Troy
•    Creative VP: Mike Arciniega
•    General Creative Director: Abraham Quintana Garay / Carlos Fernández Oxté
•    Creative Director: Esli Martínez
•    Copywriter: María José Gutiérrez
•    Art Director: Karla Rodríguez
•    Account Director: Guillermo Guzmán
•    Production: Javier Velázquez / Regina Rueda / Haim Torres
•    Director: René de la Rosa

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