DashPass campaign "DashPass Pup"

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Video advertising:

"From food and flowers to convenience and concerts DashPass is the best way to unlock access to all of the richness of your neighborhood and with our first-ever dedicated DashPass creative campaign we wanted to convey that with a DashPass membership you’re free to get as much as you want–because you can. Regardless of if it’s pampering your pets, stocking your home for your family, or simply treating yourself, you can have it all," said David Bornoff, DoorDash’s Head of Brand Marketing. "We knew we wanted to extend the campaign into real-world benefits for our members so we brought the membership experience to life beyond the creative by launching a DashPass-exclusive of Busch Dog Brew, a first of many exclusive experiences to come designed uniquely for DashPass members."

The TV spot, which will air on TV starting 9/10, demonstrates the true value of DashPass membership and the wide breadth of items you can order with unlimited $0 delivery fees through DashPass, including grocery, convenience, pet, and alcohol items. The experiences powered by DashPass featured in the creative highlight how a dog owner and his pup stay connected through multiple same-day deliveries on DoorDash thanks to DashPass’ $0 delivery fees. In the ad, we first see the dog receiving a doggy-door delivery of fast-food-themed dog toys. Then, peanut butter. And lastly, the dog is surprised as its owner returns home with a pick-up order of Busch Dog Brew, as well as a six-pack of beer for himself. The creative will show up in TV, online video, digital, and social.

To get your free pack of Dog Brew, add two Dog Brews to your cart and use promo code 'DOGBREW' at participating DashMart locations to get one free, starting 9/13 & while supplies last. Participating DashMart locations include Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Baltimore, East Bay, San Diego, Sacramento, Columbus, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Seattle. Sign up for DashPass, DoorDash’s membership program, today here. The first 30 days are free and after that, it's only $9.99 per month to get access to the best of your neighborhood.

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