Ikea "Out of closets"

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Ikea has 34 stores across 7 countries where LGBTQ+ people are punished by death for ‘coming out of the closet’. A furniture brand that believes in inclusivity, set out to spread this same belief in these countries.
During the Pride Month 2020, we, at Ikea stopped selling all our closets as a stand against the injustice faced by LGBTQ+ people. Our websites, stores, and social media that once featured closets were now replaced with the message - closets aren’t spaces for LGBTQ+ people to hide something they’re made to feel ashamed of. Ikea closets became more than just a furniture piece. It became a proclamation for equality, without existing. 

Client Name: Ikea

Campaign Name: #OutOfClosets

School Name: Miami Ad School Europe, Miami Ad School Buenos Aires, Miami Ad School Mexico City.

Art Director: Catharina Gosende, Miami Ad School Mexico City.
Art Director: Adriana Weinberg, Miami Ad School Buenos Aires
Copywriter: Riya Dosani, Miami Ad School Europe

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