IKEA "gift for champions"

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After the Toronto Raptors basketball team won the NBA, the residents were ready to give anything to keep American basketball player Kavai Leonard in the team.

One of the fans, named Plant Guy, offered the player a home plant as a gift. His proposal became a sensation, inspiring other fans to bring their plants to the parade in honor of the victory.

IKEA Canada quickly responded to the reaction in the networks to advertise their plants as a gift for champions. The marketing team also responded to comments on Instagram with personalized jokes and hashtags #WeTheForest and #YouStay.  

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada

Client: IKEA

Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Aaron Starkman
Art Director: Zachary Bautista, Alexandra McGuirk- Penedo
Writer: Andrew Chhour
Account Services: Sarah Riedlinger, Megan Christopher
Clients: Santiago Arbelaez, Jordan Sequeira, Caroline Hayes