Tubi "Therapy Session"

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Chris Noth Therapy Session: Big Breakups | Tubi
Terrence Howard Therapy Session: Method Acting | Tubi
Nicole Scherzinger Therapy Session: Addicted to Drama | Tubi
Robin Thicke Therapy Session: Healthy Ego | Tubi
Carmen Electra Therapy Session: Commitment Issues | Tubi
Colton Underwood Therapy Session: Alternative Couples Therapy | Tubi

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A host of famous faces have discovered something life changing in Tubi’s brand new ad campaign. In the midst of the streaming wars, six celebrities find the cure for subscription fatigue during, what at first appears to be, a typical therapy session. They’ve all admitted that they’ve met “someone” new to help alleviate them of their streaming problems: the world’s largest free streaming service, Tubi.

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