National Geographic celebrate upcoming of smart and entertaining shows

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To celebrate our upcoming lineup of smart and entertaining shows, we found inspiration in American cartoonist Rube Goldberg's famous chain reactions. So we decided to create our own National Geographic version, combining 9 globes, 3 tyres, 1 Volkswagen Beetle, bowling pins, and a variety of everyday objects into a 4-ton scientific contraption with 38 triggers and 71 moving pieces! Watch what happens after "Street Genius" host Tim Shaw sets everything in motion.

Production Company: Click 3X

Director: Manny Bernardez // Editor: Mark Robin
Designer/Animator: Sara Odze // Animator: Ned Piyadarakorn
Colorist: Milan Boncich // Flame Artist: Greg Cutler
Executive Producer / Click Entertainment: Rob Meyers // Executive Producer / Managing Director: Megan Kelly / Live Action 
Line Producer: Matthew O’Shea // Post Producer: Michele Watkins
Sound Designer: Cory Melious / CEO: Jose Ludlow
Head of Production: Dalia Sierra / Production Designer: Bernardo Trujillo
Director of Photography: Luis Sansans