Knacki "Veggies, like kids love them"

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Knacki knows how kids like their veggies in a quirky new plant-based print campaign by Ogilvy Paris.

Herta, the #1 French delicatessen meat brand, creates a plant-based sausage that looks, tastes and acts like the Knacki hotdogs kids love most.

Veggies, like kids love them.

Meet the giraffe, the dog, the octopus, and the butterfly. The creative solution is a series of fun and kid-appealing balloon animals made of Knacki plant-based hotdogs. At first glance, the visuals may appear to show animal-shaped balloons, but the eye transforms the visuals into what it really is after studying further. And the line reads: “Veggies, like kids love them”. Claiming that - just like kids love balloons - they love these plant-based hotdogs. Or, perhaps at first glance, you’ll see hotdogs and balloons. That’s the beauty of it. They are equally appealing.

The balloon animals were brought to life by 3D modeling. As the visual portrayal of balloons and Knacki hotdogs was equally important, each animal required dedicated work in craft and detail. The shape of the overall balloon to create an animal and respect the real shape and texture of each sausage needed to come across as equally appealing and real. We also made sure to give each animal fun personalities in terms of body postures, positions, and character traits, explains Ogilvy Paris.


Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim & Emmanuel Ferry 

Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim 

Creative director: Julien Bredontiot 

Artistic Director: Jonathan Baudet-Botella 

Copywriter: Linnea Kavsjo 

Head of planning: Fanny Camus-Tournier 

Strategic planner: Marguerite Lengereau 

Business Director: Hubert d’Arrouzat 

Account executives: Aurélia Suzialuk, Mathilde de Las Muelas 

Producer: Angélique Bosio 

Production: H&O 

3D Studio: Unicorn Paris