Maisa Foundation "Recipes Against Abuse"

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In Colombia, the lockdown due to COVID-19 lasted almost 2 years. During this time, reports of violence at home dropped, getting dangerously close to zero. This turned on the alarms because, according to statistics, the country has been one of the sexiest and most violent towards women in the last 70 years.

With two of the most recognized chefs in the country we created 45 minutes cooking Instagram LIVE that looked normal at first sight, but it actually allowed women to make a secret report by adding to the recipe rosemary, parsley or cilantro as a final ingredient and publishing a photo of the dish in a story with the hashtag #ItIsTimeToDoIt. This signal alerted us of abuse without calling the attention of the aggressors. After the LIVE, a specialized team from Maisa Foundation gave personalized legal orientation to the victim.


Client: Maisa Foundation
Advertising Agency: Ariadna Communications Group, Bogotá, Colombia.
Regional Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Riaño
Head of Art: Gabriel Perdomo
Creative Director: Samuel Torres
Senior Art Director: Sergio Vega
Art Director: Angie Giraldo
Copywriter: Andrés Riaño, Samuel Torres
Account Executive: Laura Cecilia Rodríguez
Production: Fishbowl Audiovisual
Film Director :Mateo Chávez, Camilo Báez
Post-production: La Combi Productions
Post-production director: Andrés Villegas
Editor and Animator: Jonathan Vargas
Sound Studio: Laika Studio
Sound Producer: Carlos Calvo

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