India Gate "India Dega Aashirvad - For a Hunger Free India"

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As Indians we take great pride in our traditions. Our culture and values are what define us, but rarely do we ever get the opportunity to use a sacred tradition to do so much more.  India Gate, together with The Classic Partnership, part of the VMLY&R Group, believe that rice, which is used to shower blessings during every wedding ceremony, can serve a larger purpose. So, we created #IndiaDegaAashirvad, a unique initiative that upholds our sacred tradition of showering rice, while giving newlywed couples the option to be prudent with its use, thereby helping millions of less fortunate people.

Rice has always been an auspicious part of every Indian wedding ceremony. At India Gate, we believe that this rice, that is used to shower blessings, can serve a larger purpose. Introducing #IndiaDegaAashirvad, a unique initiative that upholds our sacred tradition, while empowering newlywed couples to help the 195 million people around the country who struggle to find food every single day. Log on to to join the change.

Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Creative Director:  Abhay Chawak 
Art Director:บริษัท เต็มเสียง จำกัด
Photographer:Nasir Rauf