M6 mobile: Meet Geronimo and play

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What better than a purple cat to stuff himself on blue birds?

Meet Geronimo, the crazy and insatiable Eat a Tweet Lolcat who LOVES tweets - he'll eat them to help you win followers. Eat a Tweet is the first Twitter campaign that plays with what it's all about: the more you tweet, the crazier it gets, and the more you'll rack up followers. Easy.

How does it work?
Go to eatatweet.fr, connect your twitter account, send a message with the hashtag #EatATweet and release a blue bird. And it's out, ready to be eaten! Check out loads of absurd and offbeat ways Geronimo gets the bird (Cat Vador, Cat-lem Shake, 8-bit famous game etc). Feed him, make him fatter and fatter and fatter. Then...make him explode! If you're the one that makes him pop, everyone who played before you will tweet about you and you'll get loads more followers. (Go on you know you want to...)

Created by Blast Radius Paris for M6 mobile and developed by Am I Collective, the hottest group of illustrators around, Eat A Tweet is an innovative Twitter campaign; playful and offbeat, it lives up to the brand's promise, "Be the one to follow".

Advertising Agency: Blast Radius, Paris, France

Creative Director: Benjamin Bregeault / Art Director: Charles-Antoine De Sousa
Copywriters: Charles Barbillon, Joris Tripier-Mondancin / Illustrator: AMICOLLECTIVE