Pedigree: Screen and Dog screenSaver

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At the office, whenever you're at a meeting or having some coffee — that is, when you're away from the computer — the screen saver will come on. The same thing also takes place very frequently with computers located at shops, cyber cafés and other public venues. We decided to use screensavers as media and turn them into a virtual pet adoption fair. The screensaver is available for all platforms and displays videos of dogs that are up for adoption.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil

General Creative Director:Luiz Sanches / Creative Director:Bruno Prosperi, Renato Simoes, Marcos Medeiros, Andre Kassu / Digital Creative Director:Luciana Haguiara, Sandro Rosa / Art Director:Andre Sallowicz
Copywriter:Filipe Medici, Dudu Barcelos / Innovation Manager:Isabela Albero / Production:Goma / Programmer:Oninteractive / Rtv:Vera Jacinto, Rafael Motta, Henrique Danieletto / Project Manager:Paulo Bazeggio / Digital Production Director:Fernando Boniotti / Media:Flavio De Pauw, Fabio Cruz, Isabela Albero, Juliana Melo, Caroline Pimentel / Account Executives:Fernanda Antonelli, Ricardo Taunay, Italo Neto, Samantha Keichichian,José Maria Fafe