Reporters Without Borders: "Fonts for Freedom" by Serviceplan

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More and more media organizations are censored or closed and journalists arrested. These are drastic measures taken by oppressive regimes to limit freedom of the press. As a reaction Reporters without Borders Germany launched the campaign FONTS FOR FREEDOM, conceived by Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg to turn the fonts of prohibited newspapers into symbols of press freedom.  

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Hamburg, Germany
Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan: Alexander Schill
Managing Directors: Leif Johannsen , Patrick Matthiensen
Creative Director Art: Soen Becker
Creative Director Copy: Eduard Hoerner
Art Directors: Sarah Gstrein, Mojca Zavolovsek
Copywriter: Henrik Claus
Account Manager: Lennard Bahr
Digital Agency: Plan.Net / Munich
Managing Director: Marcus Maczey
Art Director: Tammy Jajes
Account Manager: Marlene Ulmer
Media Agency: Mediaplus
Senior Consultant & Planner: Jonas Binder
Production: Eoin Sherry, Eoin Sherry, Eoin Sherry, Eoin Sherry
Producer: Katrin Habermann
Sound Design / Music: Supreme Music
Type Designers: Anja Meiners, Ralph du Carrois / bBox
PR Agency: achtung!
Account Director Press: Claudia Rienhoff
Senior Account Manager: Sofia Hiestermann
Account Manager Press: Lena Marg

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