"Life Always Triumphs" pro-bono campaign from Paris agency Bel-Ami

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Moments suspended in time

First deployed in the streets of Paris’s 5th arrondissement, and later along the path of a local demonstration by nurses and doctors held on June 16th, Bel-Ami’s campaign, #Lifealwaystriumphs pays homage to caregivers everywhere. Thanks to Metrobus and JC Decaux, the 7 images, which will also run in the city’s metro and on outdoor billboards through July 15, show moments suspended in time, a time where we all faced some of our greatest fears. Next to each name is a quote from Nelson Mandela: I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. 

Life always triumphs

The copy that accompanies the images reinforces their stories. "We wanted to show them our eternal gratitude by revealing their faces, writing their first names, but above all, by showing them in their daily lives, at the workplace, in resuscitation rooms, doing their hard work… where, in the face of death, these people have always remained cheerful, smiling, full of life… And yes, throughout this challenge, there is a lesson to learn: #LifeAlwaysTriumphs”

It is to this vital force that Thomas Mondo, founder of Bel-Ami, wished to pay tribute with this pro-bono campaign. "We made superheroes out of them... we applauded them every night... But they're not superheroes, they're human beings like us, with extraordinary courage and will power," Thomas explains.

In these photos, we can read their compassion, their exhaustion, and, above all, a joy for life - a memorial of those moments suspended in time that have forever changed the world.



Campaign Name: Life Always Triumphs

Agency: Bel-Ami

Copywriter: Thomas Mondo

Creative Director: Thomas Mondo, Philippe Chanet

Art Director: Philippe Chanet

Media: Outdoor, digital

Dates: June 15-July 15

Partners: JC Decaux, Metrobus, Mediatransports, Upperpub