McDonald's "Happy Moving Day"

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

In the Canadian province of Quebec, it is a tradition that rental contracts all end on the same day, a situation that the McDonald’s Canada wanted to capture in its new campaign in an artistic and creative way. Most residential leases come to an end at the same time, all on the same day, resulting in a massive move-in phenomenon involving more than 100,000 households are forced to pack up their belongings and occupy their new homes in the well-known "Moving Day".

The advertising campaign has been developed by the Cossette agency and has been in the press, posters and outdoor advertising billboards, and social networks.

The van of the chips was inspired by a young man who moves into her first apartment in a neighbourhood fashion in Montréal; the Big Mac depicted a family with children moving to a suburban residential area, and the McMuffin depicted a young couple moving in together for the first time.

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montreal, Canada
Creative: Guillaume St Hilaire, François-Julien Rainville, Alexandre Jutras, Ben Duquette, Alexandre Gadoua, Barbara Jacques
Accounts: Pauline Gomis
Production House: Consulat
Photographer: Simon Duhamel
Assistant: Renaud Lafrenière
Art Director: Sylvain Lemaître
Editing: Visual Box
Production: Eliane Sauvé
Client: Mélanie Courtois, Melissa Hains