Vegemite "Tastes Like Australia" by Thinkerbell

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Australia is an amazing and truly unique nation. But more than anything, it is diverse. In fact, 49% of Australians were born abroad, and there are more than 300 individually identified languages being spoken in Australian houses.

To celebrate Australia’s diversity, the iconic Aussie brand Vegemite has put the nation’s rich multiculturalism at the front and centre of the Australian landscape during Harmony Week. Vegemite has unveiled large-scale outdoor advertising billboards across the nation with Vegemite’s classic "Tastes Like Australia" headline translated into the top 10 most spoken languages in the country - Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Greek, Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish and English.

The multilingual advertisements will also be posted on social media channels, along with recipes to different Vegemite dishes that relate to each of the different cultures.

Client: Vegemite

Advertising Agency: Thinkerbell

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Couzens

Chief Creative Officer: Jim Ingram

Creative Lead: Tom Vizard

Strategist: Sam Butcher

Channel Planner: Aden Eltchelebi

Account Director: Nikia Shepherd

Chief Strategy Officer: Adam Ferrier

Account manager: Rosie Burke

Finishing Artist: Katja Matters

PR: Nat Duncan