PicWicToys presents a crazy Christmas race "Hello Santa, Reindeer Calling"

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Hello Santa, Reindeer Calling.

For its first TV campaign since handing Steve the reigns to its communication, PicWicToys presents a crazy Christmas race in the one place that makes all the difference in the industry: its play stores. 

Christmas is of course the most expected time of the year for a toy retailer such as PicWicToys. And because its 45 stores are not just stores like any other, but actual playgrounds, Steve decided to make this differentiating asset the centre of its Christmas campaign. 

The PicWicToys store is turned into the set of a frenetic chase… on 12-Watts racing cars! A TVC that takes inspiration from blockbusters and makes us dive into a vor- tex of pure childhood fun. 

The film is full of pop culture references: Darth Vader, Spiderman, Pikachu, Barbie, Star Wars, the Snow Queen and so many other iconic childhood heroes come to- gether in this race... And even the anivendors (played by real PicWicToys sales animators) take part in it. It’s the perfect opportunity to show what their everyday looks like in bustling stores where people are always playing. 

"Produced and directed by the very talented Blacktool, this film is full of pop culture references and mixes together live action, stop motion, 2D and 3D. Bet- ween stunts, humor, love and fishtails, we have the perfect recipe for a generous Christmas film, for the pleasure of kids and adults alike" says Guillaume Lartigue, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Steve 

"This film uses all the ingredients of PicWicToys’ winning recipe: a store that’s made for play, with animations and experiences, our passionate animators who are big kids at heart, and attractive products. It achieves the unprecedented goal of bringing together on screen most of our favorite heroes and iconic toys from brands that we have built long-term partnerships with" added Julien Dreano, PicWicToys Brand and Customer Communication Manager. 


Industry: Distribution of games and toys 

Annoncer: PicWicToys 

Brand and customer communication leader : Julien Dreano 

Agency: Steve 

Co-CEO: Grégoire Soufflet 

Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer: Guillaume Lartigue 

Creative Director: Edouard Dorbais 

Copywriter: Aymeric Druaux 

Art Director: Isaora Le Jeannic  

Strategic Director: Laure Lagarde  

Group Account Director: Diane De Plas  

Project Manager: Morgane Schafer  

Project Manager: Laureline Levy 

Head of TV prod: Dorian Salort 

Production: Blacktool

Director: Blacktool  

Producer: Elodie Andurand 

Post-producer: Françoise Hernandez 

Post-Production: Blacktool 

Post-Production SFX: Machine Molle  

Sound Production: Tranquille Le Chat  

Sound Producer: Laurent d’Herbécourt 

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