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In an eye-catching new print, outdoor and digital campaign, Sid Lee Paris and interior design brand PLUM unveil a series of cleverly composed visuals highlighting the brand’s inspirational universe. Designed to grow recognition, PLUM’s first brand campaign speaks to a new generation of homeowners and renters who want to go beyond pre-fab. The DIY generation, always WIP, wants to design, create, and imagine. PLUM’s collection of façades and accessories that complement IKEA’s modular furniture, and its vibrant line of wall paint, give spaces a new dimension and personality. More than a brand, PLUM aims to be a partner, a constant source of inspiration for those who want to express their creativity. 

Founded in 2020 by sisters Amandine and Marion, PLUM began with a mission to, first and foremost, inspire. The founders shared a passion for unique design and, above all, passing along to others the key to creating their own extraordinary space. PLUM’s collection offers myriad possibilities for transforming kitchens, walk-in closets, bedrooms, bathrooms and more, while the website offers even more tools for innovation.   

In its first brand campaign, Sid Lee Paris created a collection of visuals that plays off the brand’s possibilities and demonstrates PLUM’s ability to open a world of imagination. Colorful compositions highlight the different ways PLUM can serve as a starting point for a whole new creative path and a companion for those who never want to stop exploring. The campaign also includes a digital film reinforcing the visuals’ aestheticism by playing off the brand’s name. By turning the brand’s letters, P-L-U-M, into an acronym - project, list, unic, material - Sid Lee Paris illustrates everything PLUM represents.

"This is our very first campaign! It embodies how Plum is making a bridge between inspiration and execution to help our clients create a home that looks like no other. Sid Lee understood Plum’s reason of being, to imagine and create, and they recognized our strength: inspiring and giving ideas. " - Amandine Merle Julia, CEO & Co-Founder.

“We had a lot of fun with this campaign, experiencing the brand the way the consumer does, building, creating, and bringing different spaces to life using the brand’s products.”  - Stephane Soussan, Managing Director, Director of Strategy.  

The campaign, which runs in France, began in mid-March and will continue through April.

Plum Credits: 

CEO & Co-founder: Amandine Merle Julia  

Co-founder: Marion Merle 

Kelly Boumard: Brand Campaign Manager 

Sid Lee Credits: 

ECD: Sylvain Thirache 

President: Johan Delpuech 

CD: Stephane Soussan 

Artistic Director: Layla Gras 

Social media creative: Thibaut Thureau 

Copywriter : Kim Froissant 

Account Director : Margaux André 

Account Executive: Mathilde Magne 

Producer: Laetitia Neves 

Managing Director / Director of Strategy: Bruno Lee 

Strategic Planner : Cloé Bouchart