Desi Belle "Break boundaries. Be free"

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This print advertising campaign was designed to depict the bohemian, free-spirited women of today. Who seek new experiences, follow their heart, go on adventures and are comfortable in all spheres of life. They are equally connected to tradition and modernity, to the classic style and flashing trends. They embody the east-meets-west fashion that the Desi Belle brand is all about.

Break boundaries. Be free.

Advertising Agency: AutumnWinter Communications & Design

Client: Desi Belle

CCO & Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Art Directors: Karan Rawat, Naresh Berde
Senior Writer: Ribayah Memon, Rahul Paul
Photographer: P Pond
Sr. Account Executive: Yesha Kavaiya
Fashion stylist: Amonwan Dolly Mirpuri
Stylist assistant: Nathamon Throngchak
Makeup Artist: Kitty
Hair stylist: Tanon Tanabhataravaratorn
Production: Hiren Sonie / AL2U Production Bangkok
Producer: SpringSummer
Retoucher: Punit Chhag
Photoshop Artist: Naresh Berde / AW
Graphic Artist: Diwakar Jakkani / AW


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