ESPN "Never Miss a Move"

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Brazilian people love sports and watching sports of any kind. But, only soccer matches are broadcast on TV. There is a great difficult on following all the other modalities such as NBA and the Olympic Games.

“Never Miss a Move” campaign shows to sports fans all the benefits of the ESPN App. With the app, they won’t miss any moment of the matches of the sports they like.

Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil

CCO: Sergio Gordilho
Ecd: Otavio Schiavon
Head Of Art: Bruno Valenca
Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Copywriter: Felipe Silva
Art Director: Raynier Santos, Fábio Has
Client Services: Carol Boccia, Heloisa Pupim, Rafael Nogueira, Vivianne Santos
Media: Rodrigo Famelli, Bruna Morano, Larissa Francisco
Artbuyer: Carmen Castillo, Natasha Grazia, Patricia Mota
Image: Marco Mendes, Lumini
Treatment: Marco Mendes, Lumini

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