JC Decaux: Good Things - Coming Soon

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Challenge : If talking 'bout weather is usually considered as trite, winter of '13 was national disaster. We, Lithuanians, got really tired from half year cold as well as got depressed when mid April brought more snow. Even our birds were in such grief they almost forget how to sing.
Solution : Collaborating with outdoor experts JC Decaux we've worked out that communication is both business and meaning. As to highlight its latter function, we came up with the idea to spread merry message in order to remind that as soon as winter ends, great stuff will take place. Therefore, we drew posters announcing that summer is coming along and as soon as that happens negative things will be replaced by positive. Those are some positive images: sea, less clothes, more berries, various birds, sun, colors.
What's new : Social campaign without logo and customer. But with a genuine goal to overcome this epic winter.

Advertising Agency: New!, Vilnius, Lithuania

Creative Director / Copywriter: Tomas Ramanauskas / Designer: Lina Marcinonyte / lllustrator: Lina Vysniauskaite

via newisnew.lt