Lips move in a silent chant run

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"Eyes riveted on the oval.
Every bounce, every pouncem triggers a ripple.
Delirious and dizzy, we rise and fall in waves.
The Times. Official Media Partner Of The Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens. Dec 3-5, 2009."

"There's no prayer that I say not a word I utter but my.
Lips move in a silent chant run run run."

"It's no ordinary roar.
From my gut it swells. Face red. Taut veins, in my neck, straining t burst.
Again and again."

"Locked and frozen. Heads. Shoulders. Arms.
In a flash, the ground shakes. The bones rattle.
It's now the epicentre."

"There's a surge around me.
THe stands quiver. The knees bend.
The body rises. The eyes behold. It's on."

"They claw the earth till it bleeds. Their feet, dug in like pillars.
Then they leap and tear through the air in front of them."

"Time it's in a rush. My fingers, deep into my palms... tick... deeper.
Tock... tighter. Then it happens. The first blinding try."

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE

Creative Director: Chafic Haddad / Art Director: Layan Aziz / Copywriter: D V Hari Krishna / Account Head: Prabhakar Iyer