The Times "Time To Act"

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Title: Time To Act

School: Miami Ad School San Francisco

Art Directors: Donghoon Lee

Copywriter: Hatem El Akad and Erica Yoshimura


With the rise of access to information came the rise of disinformation. What you may not know is most of this disinformation came from one place: Velez, Macedonia. They’ve spread hundreds of lies affected a national election, manipulated thousands of people. And no one has done anything to stop them… 

So we The Times, the only newspaper that can be quoted in the court of law, decided to take matters into our own hands: By suing Velez. We brought them to court, citing The Defamation Act 2013. As the only newspaper that can be quoted in the court, we believe it is our duty to know times and more importantly, fight for it. And that means holding liars accountable.