Viaje Mais "Unimaginable itineraries. Except for our readers." by Mestica

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Viaje Mais is a travel magazine with stories about different itineraries and tips of what to do in each destination, propitiating trips out of the commonplace. To communicate the differential that the magazine offers its readers has created a campaign that shows unusual scripts in an unexpected way. Each poster represents a postage stamp of a place that combines two different destinations and that is hardly chosen for a trip.

Unimaginable itineraries. Except for our readers.

Advertising Agency: Mestica, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Director: Paulo Sanna, Luiz Parpulov
Art Director: Eduardo Basque
Copywriter: Rafael Prioli, Walmor Mello
Illustrator: Guilherme Duarte, Jean Campos, Diego Maia
Typographer: Lucas Gregório
Digital Artist: Guilherme Duarte, Eduardo Basque