ZOYA "Make Your Choice"

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Nowadays, freedom of expression is celebrated and diversity is embraced. But we know that there are still people who are always judged by others, seen as too conforming, less powerful, and unable to speak up: Women with hijab. From the day that they decide to wear hijab, people already expect them to behave in certain ways, to fit into the stereotype of what “a hijaber” should look like, behave, and be: Be modest. Be nice. Stay home and take care of kids. Don't speak up. Don't be loud. 

So we created a campaign for Zoya (One of Indonesia's biggest muslim fashion brands) to empower all hijabers in Indonesia to be fearless and confident in the choices they make to be who they are. We want to give them their power and voice back with the message #AmbilPilihanmu (Make Your Choice). 

Advertised brand: ZOYA
Advert title(s): Make Your Choice
Headline and copy text (in English): Make Your Choice
Advertising Agency: LUP Jakarta, Indonesia