Shelter "This is no place to spend Christmas"

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Shelter and AMV BBDO are starting a hard-hitting new campaign to show how unfair it is that people don't have a safe and warm place to call home this Christmas when cold weather is gripping the country.

The striking and heart-wrenching "This is no place to call home" campaign was made by AMV BBDO. It contrasts the traditional warmth of the holiday season with the harsh reality for people who don't have a safe place to call home. From December 19, the campaign can be seen on billboards all over the UK and online. It asks people to give money to Shelter.

People who have to sleep outside in freezing weather or in temporary places that aren't safe are shown in images. It shows a tent with Christmas lights set up under a dark bridge at night, a lonely bus shelter with fairy lights and a person's blanket, which is the only thing keeping them warm in the winter cold, a Christmas-decorated park bench, and the back seat of a car, both of which are used by homeless people as grim beds for the night, with the line "This is no place to spend Christmas."