Idris Elba in Sky Cinema's "Your Ticket to the Big Screen"

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Sky Cinema, the subscription channel known for bringing movies to viewers, is now offering an exciting turn of events. They're giving viewers a chance to experience the movies firsthand with two free tickets every month to Vue cinema. To shout out this deal, Sky is unveiling an innovative new film crafted by Birth Productions and featuring the renowned Idris Elba. This film offers a unique cinematic adventure that defies convention and takes audiences on a thrilling journey.

Titled "Your Ticket to the Big Screen," the film starts with a familiar scene for Sky Cinema viewers. Idris Elba and his nephew are preparing to watch a movie when, unexpectedly, they find themselves plunged into their own action-packed film. Idris, as The Star, and his nephew, as The Sidekick, are swept from their armchairs and through their glass doors, launching into a high-speed chase reminiscent of a Fast and the Furious spectacle.

In the ensuing adrenaline-filled sequence, they weave through traffic, swerve around corners, and descend steps, gripping their hands in a Thelma & Louise-inspired moment. They dodge a roadblock, survive a dramatic explosion, and find themselves landing directly in front of a Vue cinema. And, true to the film's title, they have two free tickets waiting for them, courtesy of their Sky Cinema subscription.

In crafting his film, Director Rodrigo Valdes aimed to make a lasting impact by emphasizing the action curating a stand-alone cinematic experience. The 60-second spot is a tribute to some of the most revered films in cinematic history, including 'Italian Job,' 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' 'Back to the Future,' and 'Baby Driver,' especially acknowledging the most iconic car chases in the realm of film. Through the visual language of the film, audiences are immersed in the exhilarating speed and thrill of the action, leaving them on the edge of their seats.

Agency Credits:  

Agency: Sky Creative 

ECD: Rob Galton 

Creative Director: Rob Welch 

Senior Creative: Piers O’Kelly 

Senior Creative: Liam Scott 

Head Of Production: Paul Mortimore 

Senior Account Director: Chloe Michali 

Head Of Dep Marketing: Abbey Kickham 

Marketing Manager: Gemma Bell 

Producer: Martha Wright 


Production Credits: 

Production Company: Birth 

Director: Rodrigo Valdes 

CEO: Hugo Legrand Nathan 

Executive Producer: Kate Elson 

Producer: Dom Wilcox 

DOP: Arnau Valls Colomer 

Stunt Supervisor: Rob Inch  

Editor: Ben Campbell | The Quarry 

Grade: Simon Bourne | Company 3 

Post: Ruslan Borysove | The Mill 

Editor: Ben Cowan | The Quarry