Triumph's Triaction Sports Bra: Elevating Activewear with Herezie's Creative Touch

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Triumph, a world-renowned women's lingerie brand, recently unveiled its "Triaction Sports Bra" collection. To highlight this innovative line, they partnered with Parisian agency Herezie to develop a captivating campaign that combines art and advertisement.

Every piece in the collection is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled support and comfort during even the most vigorous routines. Herezie encapsulated these benefits in three dynamic, colorful images, each as striking as the last.

In each image, a woman is depicted engaging in a sport - karate, dance, and rhythmic gymnastics. The movement of the sportswoman forms the silhouette of a Triumph sports bra through the use of chronophotography. The harmonious blend of colors, patterns, and textures illustrates the support and flexibility the sports bras provide. This visually innovative approach effectively showcases the brand's new line and its unique benefits.


Agency: Herezie  

CEO : Andrea Stillacci   

Executive Creative Director: Etienne Renaux, Paul Marty  

Art Director: Pauline Lesage 

Client: Triumph  

Global content manager: Nathalie Kineider  

Global brand content manager: Zeljka Sifter Bojic