Levi's: Get 'talking' to the audience

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Video advertising:

Challenge: In a saturated jeans market place, Levi's needed to reclaim their iconic status by reconnecting with their audience and reigniting excitement for the brand.

Solution: Get 'talking' to the audience with the Levi's Summer Hotline. Our larger than life pop-up interactive phone booth got temperatures rising by forcing our audience out of their comfort zones. Our brave contenders had to tackle tough challenges set by Hong Kong's hottest radio hosts through real time video interaction. Results: Over 3 days, nearly half a million people interacted with the booths. Thousands of people spread the word online generating hundreds of likes, discussions and positive reactions. Over HK$250,000 worth of earned media was generated with 0 investment in paid media and sales increased by over 30% over a typical week period.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Hong Kong

Executive Creative Director: Mark Ringer / Group Creative Director: Esther Wong / Creative Directors: Ken Hui, Mike Wu / Art Directors: Joe Chow, Jacqueline Hung / Copywriter: Mike Wu / Illustrator: Joe Lee