The new Audi R8. Go light. Go agile.

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Video advertising:

Audi incorporates the Audi ultra-lightweight technology in the new Audi R8. Technology that enables lighter and therefore more agile driving.
The high number of components made of carbon and ceramic in relevant areas of the vehicle give this sports car an even more dynamic character.
Each and every one of these elements defines and make up the claim of the launch campaign of this sporty model: "Go light. Go agile."

In this line of communication, the TV spot revolves around this concept. The story is set in a spectacular vault with a large glass platform. In this setting, a sequence of colours is reproduced illuminating various areas of the stage. The new Audi R8 has to follow it with the greatest possible agility and speed.
The driver of the vehicle drives in sporty fashion over the checkerboard and successfully completes the series of colours. As a final twist, the driver gets out of the new Audi R8 and breaks the glass surface. The spot manages to convey the campaign concept "Go light. Go agile." with a spectacular performance of the new Audi R8. It communicates the result of the Audi ultra-lightweight construction technology while showing all the sportiness of the new Audi R8.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain

General Creative Director: José María Roca de Vinyals / Executive Creative Director: Fernando Barbella / Creative Directors: Alejandro Arriagada, Jaume Badia / Art Directors: Fernando Alcazar, Javier Rodriguez / Copywriter: Xavi Gimeno / Agency Producer: Vicky Moñino / Production Company: Agosto / Director: Nacho Gayan / Producer: Toni Moreno / Director of Photography: Patrick Duroux / Editor: Dani Arbonés / Post Production: Big Lazy Robot / Metropolitana / Post producer: Daniela Borges / Sound: Alex Perez / Imasblue / Music: Ramón Martinez / La Crem