Zendesk’s Tech For Good program supports nonprofit organizations

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Zendesk’s Tech For Good program supports nonprofit organizations with donated software and expertise, allowing those organizations to increase efficiency and amplify impact. 

Each mixed media spot blends live-action shots with hand-drawn-style animation techniques and graphic overlay to share their compelling stories. Chebib's films capture each nonprofit as they give immigrants life-saving information, in the case of IRC’s interagency Signpost Project; connect families with incarcerated loved ones via Ameelio; let donors give directly to people in poverty, with GiveDirectly; and open doors in tech for young people through KindWork.

Aiming for direct assistance, Zendesk gives its software to the selected nonprofits free of charge to help them accomplish their goals with ease. Through the initiative, these partners are better able to track volunteers and donations, release emergency response resources, and give clients personalized help. 


Client: Zendesk

Scott Morris, SVP, Global Campaigns and Integrated Marketing

Erin Pinkley, VP, Creative

Laura Shear, Director, Social Impact Communications

Sam Kind, Tech for Good Manager

Ariana Blair, Brand Producer

Elyse Kanagaratnam, Creative Director

Olivia Kingsley, Creative Director

Sam Bathe, Associate Creative Director

Julia Oller, Brand Copywriter

Creative and Production Studio: Even/Odd

Director: Amar Chebib

Animation: Art Camp

Producers: Malcolm Pullinger, Omid Fatemi, Rachel Serada Barth

Line Producer: Ben Nabors

Production Manager: Valentina Clerici

Editor: Amar Chebib

Executive Producers: Mohammad Gorjestani, Taylor Feltner, Cayce Cole, Ashley Rodholm

Sound Design & Mix: Oscar Vargas 

Color: Sean Wells




International Rescue Committee’s Signpost Project