Action Against Hunger "Did you hear that sound?"

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Paris agency Hungry & Foolish carried out last week to help Action Against Hunger raise awareness about the catastrophic effects of climate change on our food system. Thursday, May 27th, starting at 9:30 a.m. the agency began broadcasting a loud rumbling noise at 5 locations throughout the city - Beaubourg, Batignolles, Rue de Commerce, Bourse, and Montorgueil. The loud noise was composed of the sounds of global warming, from glaciers cracking to extreme weather, and resembled the roaring of a hungry stomach. After broadcasting the noise at several more intervals over the following hours, creating a bit of confusion in the streets and a lot of buzz online, the organization revealed the activation through a 30-second film and got the French press talking.

Did you hear that sound? 

When the earth roars, millions of bellies roar too

An operation for Action Against Hunger signed by Paris agency Hungry & Foolish

The climate crisis is one of the main factors behind the rise of hunger around the world. To raise collective awareness, Paris agency Hungry & Foolish orchestrated a campaign for Action Against Hunger that was unveiled this Thursday, May 27, starting at 9:30 am. 

According to France’s Organisation Pour Alimentation et l’Agriculture (Food and Agriculture Organization), the 3 major causes of hunger in the world are wars, economic shocks and the climate crisis. The countries most affected by hunger are those most affected by extreme weather events. 

The climate crisis is affecting ecosystems, the economy and livelihoods, particularly of those who depend on agriculture. More frequent and longer droughts and an increasing number of storms, floods, forest fires, and extreme heatwaves are among the most alarming effects.

Credits :  

Hungry & Foolish 

ECD : Emmanuel François Eugène 

Managing Director: Jean-Benoist Werth 

Art Director: Quentin Delachaux 

Copywriter : Stéphane Le Frapper 

Advising Director: Alexandre Pecard 

Account Manager: Manon Nion-Guillot 

PR Agency: Ozinfos 

Media Agency: Havas 

Action Against Hunger 

Delphine Marques, Commuications Director 

Lorena Rodriguez Alvarez, Head of Mobilization and Campaigns 

Mobilization and Campaigns Manager 

Marie Tapia, Chargée Mobilisation et Campagnes 

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