Polar beer, a beverage best enjoyed ice-cold

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There's nothing more annoying than going to a bar with your friends and watching as they can't take their eyes off their smart phones. This is why Polar beer, a beverage best enjoyed ice-cold and only sold exclusively in a single Brazilian state, created the definitive solution to this worldwide problem. The Polar Cell Phone Nullifier. A cooler that blocks 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and GSM signals to any device within a 1.5 meter radius.
When people ordered a bottle of Polar, the waiter would bring it inside the Nullifier and explain the idea. That way, everybody at the table was directly impacted in a fun and surprising way. And once again, they would be able to interact more with their friends and less with gadgets.

Advertising Agency: Paim Comunicação, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Creative Directors: Rodrigo Pinto, Carlos Thunm / Copywriters: Márcio Blank, Rodrigo Rocha / Art Director: José Pedro Bortolini / Head of Digital: Willian Zanette / Social Media Manager: Pedro Migotto
Agency Producers: Ana Paula Luce, Juliana de Barros Lima, Lucas Holderbaum
Graphic Designer: José Pedro Bortolini / Art Buyers: Marta Mendonça, Alexandro Souza, Daniela Pertille
Account Manegers: Daniela Flores, Mariana Balestra / Media Buyers: Claudia Mello, Patricia Angeletti
Account Planning: Eduardo Flores, Henrique Scholz / Technical Producers: Álvaro Heller, Diogo Thum de Oliveira
Photographer: Complex Studio Image / Production Company: SQMA Film Delivery, TGD Films
Film Director: Guilherme Petry / Music&Sound: Batuque Música, Loop Reclame