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The Pause Ticket

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In April, the fee on all parking tickets in Stockholm increased. With over 50 million dollars in ticket fees given in 2018, Stockholm already stands for half of the total fees in Sweden. In Stockholm’s city center, there’s also a store named Pause – One of Sweden’s best hifi suppliers. Unfortunately, some people in the store’s surroundings have their minds set on great sound systems rather than on where they are parking.

But nobody likes getting a parking ticket.

However, most people enjoy great sound.

And a great deal.

That’s why Pause is launching ”The Pause Ticket” – an initiative turning your paid parking ticket into a voucher for speakers.

How it works:

1. Pay your parking ticket.

2. Bring your ticket to Pause’s store in Stockholm.

3. Use it as a voucher of the same amount when buying a set of Totem speakers.

– To arrive at your car seeing a note in your window shield is a moment of anxiety. There’s nobody who enjoys that, even if you’ve deserved the ticket. What people do enjoy though is great sound, and that’s what we want to offer anxious car owners instead, says Pause’s CEO, Fredrik Hjelmquist.

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