Wired: it’s not just about posting comments

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Context: Wired, the leading technology and culture magazine, clocks 20. How best to celebrate if not to pay tribute to the essential online commenters

Idea: Conversations from Wired Magazine is a voice based commenting platform built with speech to text technology. So you have read a piece and you want to air your view? Click the "Conversations" button and bare your mind instantly for the community to hear you out. We love your accent but your voice comment is automatically made available in written words. You can share your voice comment on social media so others can join in on the conversation. Every week, we curate the conversations based on trending topics in order to feel the emotional temperature of our content. Conversations from WIRED Magazine: it’s not just about posting comments. It’s about being heard.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, USA

Art Director: Olowu Kayode / Copywriters: Babatunde Adebola, Eniola Falase / Tutor: Gerrit Klienfield