Google + HMCT "Play The Protest"

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Short rationale: This project was created as a D&ad New Blood entry

Rock and roll has been at the heart of all socio-cultural revolutions. It has been at the forefront of political upheaval across countries, thus leading to bans and censorship by authorities. Not only are bans counterintuitive to the fabric of democracy, but it also discourages new and budding artists to speak their mind and raise their voices. With a campaign that combines musical notes with lyrics of banned songs, we attempt to return the right of creative expression to the people.

Advertised brand: Google + HMCT

Advert title(s): Play The Protest

The headline and copy text (in English): Combining musical notes with typography to rebel against censorship.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School Mumbai

Art Director:  Nihal Bambulkar, Saloni Doshi, Vidhi Agarwal.

Copywriter: Khushali Bhansali, Yashashree Samant