Lustucru "The good French pasta"

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We might have set up tastings at Parisian supermarkets to persuade you that our pasta is the best.
We considered inviting you to a recycling activity to demonstrate the uniqueness of our 100% paper packaging.
We thought of asking the Italians if they liked Linguine or Coquillettes.
But no. We preferred to resurrect Lustucru's irreverent, even slightly punk, but yet current, side by conceiving a campaign in Korean, German, and Spanish with French agency Artefact 3000 to pre-empt our Frenchness!

Agency: Artefact 3000 

Brand: Lustucru

​Creative Director: Romain Pergeaux ​
​Copywriter: Julie Cointy ​
​Art Director: Margaux Ferrand ​
​Strategic Planners: Jean Allary / Clara Duval ​
​Artefact managers: François Brogi / Quentin Derviso / Marie Chapuis / Jonas Lévy Brand managers: Sandrine Denoual / Clémentine Aujay ​
​Director: DUPER ​
​Production: DeGaulle ​
​Sound: Yvonne

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